the grace foundation

The Grace Foundation is currently developing a book on the topic of parenting. The book is concerned with parents who experience chronic behavioral problems with their children, which, in turn, manifest emotions that inhibit feelings of heart-felt-love for their own children.

Many modern parents want to provide more for their children than they were able to have when they were young. As a result, parents often pour their own lives into their children, thinking it is for their greater good. The motive behind this is to afford their children with a base that will allow them to have the highest probability of success. When (not if) this plan backfires, and the children's behaviors become intolerable, the parents tend to blame the children and not themselves.

This lack of culpability only exacerbates the problem, which causes further alienation of a parent's heart-felt-love for their children. Yet when parents are consistent, loving, involved and effective in their roles, the parent-child relationship can be one of the most fulfilling relationships one can experience. It is the goal of this book to guide readers to this reality.