the grace foundation

We believe that life is exquisite and of great beauty when keenly felt. We feel life is a great privilege and presents opportunities to learn how to love even more. Every moment is a living moment, and each living moment can involve a connection with oneself, others and the surrounding environment. We are committed to assisting people in developing a mindful, relational and receptive interaction with themselves and others.

The Grace Foundation believes that there is connection between the body and mind, the heart and soul. It is when each of these components are able to freely work together that people are able to unite with the flow of their own spirit.

In today's complicated world, many people's flow of life often becomes blocked, resulting in unnecessary pain and sorrow. It is the goal of The Grace Foundation to help people reconnect to themselves, which allows a reconnection to their being, their life force.

We believe that when people are able to connect with their own life force, they are able to conceive a true sense of their own worthiness, which, in turn, opens them to personal discovery and fulfillment.

The Grace Foundation is dedicated to providing materials and services that empower people to better see and feel their own reality. We believe that seeing and feeling our reality allows us to find oneness with ourselves and others.