<!-- logo --> <div id="topmarg"> <img src="images/tgf_homelogo.gif" width="694" height="122" alt="the grace foundation" /> </div> <!-- Lotus --> <div id="lotus"> <img src="images/LotusGray.gif" alt="0" /> </div> <!-- Wrapper for Navigation and Content --> <div id="content"> <!-- Main Content Area Begin --> <div class="copy"> <p> Welcome to the official website of The Grace Foundation. We are pleased to announce our new online presence, and we hope you enjoy your visit with us. </p> <p> In our approach to guiding individuals and groups toward a sincere, cognizant, and heart-felt connection with both themselves and others, we exercise unconditional respect. This unconditional respect originates from our belief that each and every person is a valuable being, worthy of compassion, the Healing Presence, innate harmony and unconditional love. </p> <p> It is our hope that, upon exploring this site, visitors will gain an appreciation as to how we strive to achieve a deeper understanding amongst all of us. </p> </div> <!-- Navigation Begin --> <div id="mainNav"> <div id="nav1"> <a style="background-position: right bottom; cursor: defadivt; background: url(images/WelActive.gif) no-repeat left center;" href="pages/welcome.html">&nbsp;</a> </div> <div id="nav2"> <a href="pages/philosophy.html">&nbsp;</a> </div> <div id="nav3"> <a href="pages/ventures.html">&nbsp;</a> </div> <div id="nav4"> <a href="pages/consulting.html">&nbsp;</a> </div> <div id="nav5"> <a href="pages/biography.html">&nbsp;</a> </div> <div id="nav6"> <a href="pages/contact.html">&nbsp;</a> </div> </div> <!-- Bottom Links and Copyright Begin --> <div id="blinks"> <a class="blinks" href="pages/welcome.html">welcome</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;|&nbsp;&nbsp; <a class="blinks" href="pages/philosophy.html">philosophy</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;|&nbsp;&nbsp; <a class="blinks" href="pages/ventures.html">current ventures</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;|&nbsp;&nbsp; <a class="blinks" href="pages/consulting.html">consulting</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;|&nbsp;&nbsp; <a class="blinks" href="pages/biography.html">director biography</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;|&nbsp;&nbsp; <a class="blinks" href="pages/contact.html">contact</a><br /> <span id="copy"> &copy;&nbsp;The Grace Foundation, All Rights Reserved </span> </div> </div>